Custom Solutions

Are you having a problem that might be nagging at you? Perhaps you require something more than an off-the-shelf solution. We can help you create a custom solution, fancy cosplay props to functional smart devices, be it a flashy glowing fog-dispensing sword to a remotely activated adjustable button pusher.

Whether you're an individual or a business, If you can Dream it, We can Build it.



Building with Living Legends

Living Legends chose Filament & Chips as their collaborative partner to design and build custom sets and props, imbued with magic of technology and electronics to create a uniquely interactive experience. Seeking to create a interactive storytelling experience different from the typical "escape room", the collaboration enabled us to intimately showcase our custom capabilities, automation and smart technologies integrations to serve the needs of Living Legends. 



Design & Build 

Working with the Church, Filament & Chips designed and build coin-operated devices for the faithful.


Props, Gifts and Custom Ideas

Just for that special someone, we can design, print and finish your very own custom designed 3D print! Check out the ideas below!





I need something Custom!

We believe that no problem is too small or too large worth creating a custom solution for. Sometimes, off-the-shelf solutions just don't quite check all the boxes, even for a showpiece like a prop or something as simple as a button pusher.

The potential to have a access to a solution that is tailored your needs without an exorbitant minimum order quantity or rigid contract is what we want to provide to you, as an individual or business.

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