About Us

At Filament & Chips, we provide custom solutions tailored to your specifications and requirements, one reel of filament and one bite-sized chip at a time.

Together with our electronics and rapid prototyping capabilities, we are able to provide unique and custom solutions that can be easily integrated, controlled and managed.

We are agile and are able to offer flexibility with our services. Therefore making the services we offer, accessible to both businesses and individuals.


Our Four Fins


We offer 3D printing services that are tailored according to your needs, use-case and requirements.


Having hands-on experience is the best way to realise the potential that 3D printing offers. We offer opportunities to appreciate and experience 3D printing for yourself.


Unique problems require unique solutions. We can create a custom solution to suit the specifications and to solve the problems you present to us.


We produce our own products and kits that are designed to be simple to assemble and accessible to all.