3D Printing Service

Do you have something you want made physical and tangible? We offer 3D printing services for a wide variety of uses, from prototyping to trinkets & keychains, props to mechanical parts, toys to teaching aids. 

Educational • Recreational • Functional



Why Print with Us

With our 3D printing service, we work with you to tailor the service to best suit your needs. Throughout the process, active correspondence enables us to understand and make recommendations that otherwise make the concept of 3D printing daunting. 

Also, we accept requests with no minimum order quantity required!

3dprint_pantherWide “origami” panther model



What can 3D Printing do?

There are a variety of things 3D printing can do for you. Here are 3 categories which we believe nicely summarise and cover some of it's capabilities.


Physical models, such as educational aids, can be great assets in instruction. With the ability to have a model that you can touch and see in motion helps with visualising and the understanding of concepts.

3dprint_rotaryEngine     3dprint_tensegrity


Toys, models, figures, props, trinkets, keychains, boardgame pieces, are among some of the items that 3D printing can produce. From small trinkets to large props, even for cosplay.

3dprint_2starters     3dprint_pkball


The full potential of 3D printing can be realised with functional prints, from a carabiner to a custom grip for game controllers. These just scratch the surface of how 3d printing can be a value add to functionality.

3dprint_carabiner   3dprint_headphoneStand   3dprint_controllerGrip


Those look cool! 

Where can I find them to print?

It's easy! Visit these pages to check out what's available, those you see above and many more! Once you find something you like, let us know and we'll help you bring it to life!




I want something Printed!

 Here's the deal - there are some parameters to consider when 3D printing, such as the print material, layer height and infill. We won't bore you with the details, if you're interested you can read more about it here!

But, we can save you alot of time and let you concentrate on getting your big idea out into the world. Just show us what you want to print, and we will make sure it best fits your needs!

At Filament & Chips, we believe in the potential that 3D printing can offer to all, not just businesses, but for everyone. Unlike others, there's no such thing as a minimum order quantity to utilise our service.

Hurry get in touch with us and let us create something together!

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